Redler's Motion Control & Power Distribution Products

Groundbreaking Power and Motion Solution for Any Mobile Platform

If you are dealing with mobile platforms, you want to be in business with Redler. You will find the right solution for your electrical power and motion issues by choosing from Redler Technologies' wide range of motion controllers, Solid State intelligent power distribution optimization and management, or Smart Circuit Breakers, relaying protection and switching solutions.

If you seek a technically advanced solution while also looking for extra added values, please inquire about our Power Rider or the Rayon servo motion controllers.

Get fully advanced online training materials for a well-rounded onboarding experience and enjoy more overall flexibility, better support, and the promise of third-party integrations.


COTS – Commercial of the shelf products

Our “Rayon”, servo motion controllers, and the “Power Rider“, Smart Circuit Breaker, (SCB) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit) Products are field proved ones, design, manufactured and tested in restricted quality level.

The “Power Rider” multi channels with the single channels, wrapped with an advanced, sophisticated, yet simple and non-developer, GUI software for Power distribution, power management and maintenance, will allow you to easily design you power grid, save development time, power, space and budget, with the unique EPD (Electrical Power Distribution) concept….


Read More about the “Power Rider” Power distribution

The “Power Rider” single channels Circuit breakers, relays and contactors will deliver you a patent-based hardware short circuit protection with the highest reliability – Power Rider will never go short.


The Power Rider will also deliver you software based overload protection, i²t, over voltage and over temperature protection , its advanced’ non-developer software will support you with the flexibility you need in your lab, on your prototypes or at field – not for nothing its called also “Mobile lab”. 


You will find over 40 possible configurable parameters, strings, logics, I/Os and possible operation modes.

Our “Rayon” family DC/BLDC Servo drivers is based on Redler propriety technology.


Our Motion Control Drivers are giving extensive solution to a wide range of power requirements in very attractive size, budget and performances.


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We also Build to Spec

Companies can achieve true flexibility, the kind needed to get things done. This is just one of the many reasons we have ready-made solutions that offer plug-and-play capabilities and an even faster time-to-market.

Searching for different communication protocols, or a board-level solution? Want to add another signal, change the connector, or qualify it through a specifically required standard? Engineering teams can modify and customize Redler’s advanced Power Rider - the electrical power distribution, management, and maintenance. Or if you may need, the Rayon family - servo motion control devices - is a choice that will lead to greater flexibility and platform agility. Trust a team who can help achieve all your goals, while holding your hand from concept to deployment and beyond.

Supporting some of the most exclusive members of the defense industries, we have earned their trust time and time again; now it’s your turn.


Engineering with Redler Servo Drivers and SCB/PDU

Redler engineers incorporate a lot of value into each offering - the kind that extends far beyond what you might imagine, yet need.

Others make you pay extra for standard features while we make sure to include them in our basic packages.

Choose a device or a solution that considers what many see as “extras,” to be standard features. No need to pay more for what you SHOULD have. 

BTS and production Project



  • The compact nature of Redler motion control drivers
  • High-quality power and motion products with stable performance
  • Power Rider Circuit Breakers, PDU electrical power grid management, and servo drivers, designed to reduce engineering efforts from your end - your time matters to us
  • Prognostic and diagnostic tools that reduce maintenance costs and increase platform availability and uptime
  • Power Rider SCB (Smart Circuit Breakers), PDUs, and servo are the backbone of the most robust and affordable solutions, thus having influence on the system level. We also create small devices that make a huge difference on your mobile platform
Engineering in our servo drivers and in the SCB and PD