Redler Technologies is offering to its customers a wide range of solutions according to their requirements and budget.


With Redler Technologies you can find answers to your servo drivers’ needs and your power protection, distribution, and maintenance ones.


COTS – Commercial of the shelf products

Our “Rayon”, servo motion controllers, and the “Power Rider“, Smart Circuit Breaker, (SCB) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit) Products are field proved ones, design, manufactured and tested in restricted quality level.

Power Distribution

The “Power Rider” multi channels with the single channels, wrapped with an advanced, sophisticated, yet simple and non-developer, GUI software for Power distribution, power management and maintenance, will allow you to easily design you power grid, save development time, power, space and budget, with the unique EPD (Electrical Power Distribution) concept…. Read More about the “Power Rider” Power distribution

Solid State Smart Electronic Circuit Breakers & Relays

The “Power Rider” single channels Circuit breakers, relays and contactors will deliver you a patent-based hardware short circuit protection with the highest reliability – Power Rider will never go short. The Power Rider will also deliver you software based overload protection, i²t, over voltage and over temperature protection , its advanced’ non-developer software will support you with the flexibility you need in your lab, on your prototypes or at field – not for nothing its called also “Mobile lab”. You will find over 40 possible configurable parameters, strings, logics, I/Os and possible operation modes.

Servo and Motion
Control Drivers

Our “Rayon” family DC/BLDC Servo drivers is based on Redler propriety technology. Our Motion Control Drivers are giving extensive solution to a wide range of power requirements in very attractive size, budget and performances. Read More about the “Rayon” Servo drivers.


Modifications – Yes, we know – you want exactly this product, but…

You just need a different communication protocol, board level solution, just adding another signal, changing the connector, qualifying it through specific required standard, or adding some kind of a command. We are here to support you with that.


Redler Technologies is well aware of lacking flexibility sometimes users most needed for.


We are offering modifications and customizations projects to our COTS products and high flexibility.


BTS and production Project

Our R&D team showcases experience of over several decades in the Motion control discipline and in the Solid state Circuit Breakers, Power Distribution (PDU), EPDs (Electrical Power Distribution) RU (Relay Units) and embedded solutions. we work with the highest level of high tech and defense customer showing us their trust time and again with new project.


Redler Delivers BTS (Build to Spec) project as long it includes the mass production after the development stage.


Redler is also specializing in high standard manufacturing, in this way you can be assured your BTS projects will be address correctly and will be both Designed to or Manufacturing (DTM) and Designed to Cost (DTC).

BTS and production Project

Engineering in our servo drivers and in the SCB and PD

When our top engineers are developing our products, they are  incorporating into the devices the value which are most important for you, and for your customers:


  • Keeping our motion control drivers as in small size as possible.

  • Stick to high reliability products– stable performances and high quality.

  • Power protection – how we can keep your systems and power grid as safe as possible.

  • Engineering – the power Rider Circuit Breakers and PDU and the servo drivers are designed to reduce your engineering efforts while you develop your system.

  • Maintenance – our software gives you tools of prognostics and diagnostics to make sure you’re reducing you’re maintenance cost, alongside increasing your platform’s availability and uptime.

  • Budget – our Power Rider SCB (Smart Circuit Breakers) and PDU, and servo drivers will benefit you with the most power value for budget.

  • Technology and innovation – Redler Technologies introduces board level to system level understanding, this and more leads us to innovative designs, patents, and leading technological solutions for our customers.

Engineering in our servo drivers and in the SCB and PD