Established in 1994, REDLER Technologies specializes in the developing and marketing Electrical Power Distribution (EPD/PDU) , SSCB (Solid State Circuit Breakers) and electrical motion control management solutions for the defense, automotive, robotics, medical and industrial markets.

Our Power rider smart circuit breakers and Rayon motion controllers COTS products are installed in different applications around the world – Robotics, commercial Avionic antennas, Ground military and defense vehicles and remote weapon systems, UAVs, aerospace industry, medical and industrial applications

REDLER Technologies also supports its customers with BTS (Built To Spec) projects and R&D activity.

Our Rayon DC/BLDC (Brushless DC) motion controllers drivers andstrong> Power Rider smart power circuit breakers, relays and PDU (Power Distribution unit) will support your power and motion goals under strict power management and power saving policy.

The Power Rider, Intelligent Solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB), relay and Power Distribution units (SSPD) technology, with the “REDLER Technologies” patents incorporated, is delivering unique system protection as well as full devices’ protection from short circuit, overload and other electrical hazards. The Power Rider SSCB is fully automatic, smart, high reliability, power saving and efficient maintenance supporting capabilities with extremely high flexibility for engineers.

The Rayon, Motion control drivers, support your size, performances and budget challenges within any platform or application and the Power Rider SSCB or SCB (Smart Circuit Breaker) will give you engineering advantages, alongside rising up to your customers weight, power budget, protection and reliability goals.

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