Motion Control and Power Distribution Solutions


As a mechanical or electrical engineer, you probably face technical challenges as you seek the most adequate solutions for your servo motion control or electrical power optimizing protection, and management needs.
If you are a project or program manager or a system engineer, you likely seek to please your customer with the added values such as power saving, miniature solution, short time to deliver, and others.
Imagine if you could find such common solutions while significantly improving your requisite metrics such as high power density, full servo solution as product or project, predictive maintenance, modification flexibility, reliable electrical protection, and tools to save power, with support and much more.
You’ve probably been seeking vendors that know your field of interest; whether it’s the industry of Defense, Automotive, Robotics, or Aviation Industrial sectors, you want someone who understands your needs.
Redler has been supporting such partners and customers since 1994 with Rayon servo motion control, Power Rider intelligent PDU, and smart circuit breakers COTS and projects.
Seeking such added values will lead you to Redler Technologies’ products and project solutions, and you’ll find that Redler Technologies will lead you to your technological safe haven.
Together we will solve your problems and help you meet your customers' needs.

Power Distribution

Our customers’ needs for improved vital metrics such as solid-state, yet, high reliable electrical protection, platform uptime and availability, and power saving, while reducing project/product cost, increased engineering flexibility, and taking measures toward preventive maintenance, lead our engineers to make sure you are able to do it all with the aid of Redler’s intelligent solid-state PDU controller (SSPC) and smart circuit breakers (SSCB) - the Power Rider family.

The Power Rider is incorporated in vehicles, UAV/S, RWS and other applications in the defense industry and others such as electrical switching, protection and management solutions.


Motion Control

The servo motion control engineers usually qualify the servo motion controllers by three main parameters: performance, size, and price.

Redler is changing it to respond to more demands. Redler’s engineers, through the Rayon motion control driver series, deliver not just the basic requirements, but also:

  • High-power densities
  • SDC/BLDC motors activation
  • Small-to-large-scale motor driving.
  • Super intuitive GUI software, all the way through, design to integration, intimate support, and the flexibility you may so often need.

Redler Technologies supports all of your technical and business goals, all the way up to the point where your platform is up and running.

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