We are devoted to motion control and power distribution engineering

For nearly thirty years, Yesaiahu Redler has lived out his vision of empowering companies to do their best work. At Redler Technologies, our primary focus is listening to customers throughout the development process, leading to a superior solution. 

We have perfected the process of collaborating with our customers, attending to their many requirements to build the best possible solution in power-support and motion needs. 

Having partnered with countless companies in the military and defense (both aviation and ground-based), as well as the industrial, automotive, and civilian aviation industry, the Redler team has expertise deploying power and motion technologies in a broad set of industry applications. 

Take our servo motion control and solid-state intelligent PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and smart circuit breakers (SSCB or SCB), for instance. These technologies meet various industry standards and extend a great deal of flexibility. Today, Redler products remain at the vanguard of power and motion technology, being used by some of the biggest companies, both private and public, and militaries across the globe.

It is the time and effort that we put into research and development at Redler Technologies that leads to elegant and easy-to-use solutions for our customers. Our team of innovators knows how to develop a reliable solution at a competitive price point and our R&D team has even obtained several patents for its unique lightweight and compact technology. 

Not only do our electrical power and motion technologies save energy and suggest better power density, they extend the use of reliable and economical motor controls, offering better operation with our PDUs and Circuit breakers to manage and protect your electrical power grid. It’s a trustworthy, advanced, yet budget-oriented technology. All this makes Redler Technologies the most dependable partner to enhance all your power and motion capabilities.

Yesaiahu (Shaya) Redler

Yesaiahu (Shaya) Redler

Redler Technologies Chairman & Founder and head CTO

Yesaiahu (Shaya) Redler built Redler Technologies from the ground up and turned the organization into the powerhouse in the power and motion control industry that it is today. Nearly thirty years later, Mr. Redler acts as the company's Head Chief Tech Officer and is very much hands-on during the engineering process.

Shaya, as most call him, is well-known in the electronics, power, and motion disciplines both in Israel and on a global scale, as well as among military and defense heavy-hitters, having  over 43-years of electrical engineering experience. 

Also an entrepreneur, Mr. Redler is a Co-Founder of Cloud-wise, the former director of Auto-Agronom and holds several patents, ones that comprise many of our core technologies.

Guy Natanson

Guy Natanson

Redler Technologies CEO

DF Lt. Commander. (Res) SF commander,

Ground Forces HQ Technology leader.

Guy Natanson has years of experience as a project manager in the military, as well as the military private sector. Natanson is well known for his operational management skills and for electronics manufacturing. He holds a Mechatronics Engineering degree alongside an MBA in Business Management.

Osnat Green

Osnat Green

Redler Technologies CFO

Osnat Green leads operations at Redler’s financial sector. Green works to ensure Redler customers remain satisfied by aligning Redler and customer financial interests for increased profit. As a former trader at Matrix Capital Markets, Green holds both a BS and an MBA.

Zohar Barabie

Zohar Barabie

Redler Technologies EVP Global sales, Marketing and BizDev

At Redler Technologies, Zohar Barabie focuses on getting the right technology into the hands of those in the defense, robotics, and automotive industries, all the while supporting the company’s operational activities as well as acting as the CEO’s right hand. 

Barabie leads day-to-day sales, marketing, and business development efforts. He builds and maintains key global relationships with stakeholders like partners, customers, etc.  

He also acts as a Redler board member with a focus on strategic business development, opening, expansion, and developing in new global markets in the US, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Singapore, as well as emerging markets.

Andrey Mamtzev

Andrey Mamtzev

Redler Technologies, VP R&D

Andrey Mamtzev has years of experience in engineering power, motion and RT embedded solutions. He has developed some of the most advanced power and motion solutions for the industrial and defense industries. Mamtzev graduated with a BS and EE from Afeka College.

Engineering DNA

Engineering is an essential part of our DNA, and we have years of experience that have taught us about the top challenges our customers face, such as: 


  1. Finding the best solutions that meet technical, size, and budget requirements and constraints
  2. Writing the right requirements
  3. Getting the full support from the design stage through operation, integration, mass production, and after-sales support for the servo motion controllers, smart circuit breakers, and PDUs
  4. System-wide integration

True Value for a Wise Investment: 

  1. Our engineering team helps gather your technical requirements, including standardization
  2. If needed, we customize Redler products, giving you extensive design capabilities and solution flexibility
  3. We developed advanced power and motion software - ones so sophisticated that the onboarding experience is very short, with simple maintenance and deployment
  4. We provide online and face-to-face training, supported with other resources, such as videos, whitepapers, blog posts, and FAQs 

Redler’s Code of Ethics 

At Redler Technologies, we work without prejudice. Our environment is a fair and honest one with open communication channels with customers, employees, suppliers, and business associates.

We will never misuse our capabilities, know-how, relationships, business activities, etc., to harm any of our partners. It remains our goal to build trust with partners, employees, customers, and other business associates, resulting in a more resilient organization - one slated for continual growth and improvement.

We live by this code of ethics, as it defines relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers. As such, we also value the following: 


  • Employee privacy
  • Friendship and caring
  • Responsibility, professionalism, and integrity
  • Non-discrimination
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Transparency and fairness