Our Story

In 1994 by Mr. Yesaiahu Redler understood that the embedded based solution market has great need for project oriented company that holds great understanding in both micro level development and up to the system level.>


Then he established Redler Technologies, which was focused on listening to its customers while developing their products.

Redler technologies has worked with hundreds of customers in person and in all kind of industries – Military and defense (Aviation and ground based), industrial, automotive, civilian aviation, and more and also collaborating with universities.


After a while Redler Technology started to focus on two main disciplines – Servo motion control and Solid State, smart Circuit Breakers (SSCB or SCB) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit known also as SSPC – Solid State Power control).


Today, Redler Technologies specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing its own COTS, BTS – Built To Spec Projects, customized projects and of course – R&D.


The company products constitute a forefront as regards technology and for many years have been implemented in the systems of the best Israeli companies and leading international companies.

We at Redler are specialists in putting together simple and elegant solutions for our customers. Our experience offers innovative and reliable solutions at a very competitive product price. Redler has several patents and a unique technology for saving energy and manufacture of particularly reliable and economical motor controls of a low weight and small capacity.


When you’re looking for a trustworthy, advanced, yet budget-oriented partner - Redler Technologies is your optimal partner for you.

Together with you and with our considerable experience with products and projects, we will deliver the best solution for you.


Redler Technologies is delivering to its customers today both servo motion controllers and circuit breakers and PDU (power distribution unit) with high and relevant standards to different industries.


Redler technologies DNA is constructed with team-working, customer-oriented organization, professionalism to its highest standard, taking responsibility and leading the teams with being an example to others.

All employees take care for the customers’ goals, and show their commitment to high quality of products,  being attentive to the customers challenges.


Redler Technologies is here to support you and bring value to your business

Yesaiahu (Shaya) Redler

Yesaiahu (Shaya) Redler

Redler Technologies Chairman & Founder and head CTO

Mr. Redler has built Redler Technologies with his own hands, and still shows hands-on engineering activities.

Shaya is a well-known figure in the electronics, power and motion disciplines in the local arena and also among military and defense leading customers.

Mr. Redler is also entrepreneur and is the co-founder of cloud-wise and former director of Auto-Agronom

Shaya has led to several approved  Patents which are now in the core technologies of Redler Technologies.

Electronic Engineer 43 years high power experience

Guy Natanson

Guy Natanson

Redler Technologies CEO

DF Lt. Commander. (Res) SF commander,

Ground Forces HQ Technology leader.

Vast experience with leading technologies as project manager in the military and later on for the military.

Mr. .Natanson holds great experience and know-how for operational management and electronics manufacturing.

Guy holds Mechatronics Engineer, MBA (Business management).

Osnat Green

Osnat Green

Redler Technologies CFO

Mrs. Green is leading Redler’s Financials for several years now.

Osnat is making Redler’s customers satisfied by keeping the right balance between Redler’s financial interests to the customers’ interests.

Former trader at Martix capital markets.

B.Sc., MBA

Zohar Barabie

Zohar Barabie

Redler Technologies EVP Global sales, Marketing and BizDev

Mr. Barabie bring to Redler the ability to join people, technical matters and business altogether.

Zohar used as both local and global sales, marketing and BizDev for companies such as Siemens, Magma Group, MTL Print.

Zohar used also as System engineer, project manager and product manager for Rafael, IAI and Bezeq.

Barabie holds B.Sc E. Engineer, M.Sc. studies EE and MSc degree in Industrial Engineer from Ben-Gurion University.

Shlomi Dar

Shlomi Dar

Redler Technologies, Motion department manager and CTO

Mr. shows great experience and knowledge in the motion control rare discipline.

Shlomi presents leading expertise and understanding board level design, through software and embedded solution and up to the system level overview.

Dar is in charge of Redler’s main motion control products development alongside developing cutting-edge technology base projects for the military and defense industry.

Shlomi Holds B.Sc in Electronic Engineer from Bar Ilan.

Andrey Mamtzev

Andrey Mamtzev

Redler Technologies, Power department manger

Andrey is well experienced engineering in the power and RT embedded disciplines.

Andrey has developed some of the advanced power solutions to the industrial and defense industries

B.Sc EE, Afeka college

Michal Munster

Michal Munster

Engineering & Quality System V.P

Mrs. Monster brings with her years of experience in QC and QA global activities and she’s using it to ensure Redler’s customers enjoy high quality products’ solutions and services.

Michal has served as Quality management manager in Aviv Group and QA manager for the Intelligent division of Elbit Infront of FAA, ESASA and more.

Michal is leading noncompromising policy as it comes to quality

Mrs. Monster holds B.A in Business management and holds CQE diploma.

Engineering DNA

In Redler Technologies, Engineering is essential part of the company and its DNA. 
Years of experience taught us that the customers are facing constant challenges.



  1. Writing the exact requirements

  2. Finding the right solution – technically, size and budget wise

  3. Learning to configure and to operate the Servo motion controllers or the Smart Circuit breaker and PDU.

  4. Integration with the rest of the system.



  1. We will help you putting together your technical requirements – including standardization.

  2. Our products and the ability to customize them or modify them to your needs, gives you extensive design flexibility.

  3. Our engineers have developed an advanced power and motion software. Those softwares are so sophisticated they are becoming simple – simple to learn, simple to use, simple to maintain with. We will do you online training if needed, alongside our easy to use and understand training materials.

  4. Redler’s engineers are leading software, embedded and hardware engineers. Yet, their uniqueness allows them to understand board design to system level – thus, we can support you with you integration in a way that will guarantee success.


We are always looking for talented people!

As long as you match our DNA of working in team-based environment,

self-motivated, constant excellency pursuing – entry level to senior level. 


You are more than welcome to send your resume to:



Redler Technologies has carved in its policy and everyday activities to work with no prejudices, to be a fair and honest player, having open communication channels with our customers, employees, suppliers and business associates.


To never misuse its capabilities, know-how, relationships, business activities and more to harm any of its partners.


Building trust with and building our partners, employees, customers, and other business associates will make us a stronger organization that will allow us to continuously grow and improve.


Our Ethic code defines the relationship inhouse, with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Some of the main codes are :

  • "Employee’s privacy
  • Friendship, caring
  • Responsibility, Professionalism and integrity
  • Non- discrimination
  • Sexual arrestment prevention
  • Transparency and fairness

And more values that allow us to be better persons and better partners.